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Our Story

My family has been in the Hospitality and Restaurant World for over 3 generations. In the late 1800's, my Great-Grandfather had owned a Trattoria in New York prior to him returning to Sicily. My Grandfather, Angelo, was Executive Chef at the venerable Grande Albergo Sole Palermo. My father, Benito, having been trained by his father, emigrated to the states along with his siblings.

My Uncle, Antonio, founded Café Sport in North Beach San Francisco, which is still in operation after 40 years. My Aunt Rosa, opened Trattoria "La Silciana" & "Agro Dolce", of which both are currently storied in Berkeley, California. My Uncle Umberto traveled back to Sicily to open La Bruciera, which currently resides in our home city of Palermo. My father and his brother, Pierino, having received extensive training in restaurants from "Club 21" to "Giambelli's" then opened the very successful - D'Angleo's on West 56th Street in Manhattan. My father continued on with our Family's tradition until his passing in 1984. 

I, at the age of 13, found my own passion for the kitchen, which would lead me on a lifetime journey to fulfill my Father's legacy. After many years of searching, I have realized my dream restaurant - La Veranda. With a rich history dating back to 1976, I have strived to build on its success as a traditional Trattoria, while transforming it into my own vision of a "Living Room & Dining Room", where we make you feel like you are in our home, offering you every comfort and captivating your senses.

So welcome to La Veranda, where my staff and I will always embrace you like family!